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Where I'm from

I am Martin Rhodes (aka DJ Yetz). Born in Reading in 1982, I moved to The Grand ('ol) Duchy of Luxembourg at the age of 2, whenceforth I spent 16 years of my life learning things at the European School of Luxembourg. I completed my studies and received a European Baccalaureate in the year 2000. Shame it wasn't a year earlier, apparently 1999 was legendary for parties.

I ventured to the UK, specifically the the South East, even more specifically, to Egham. Egham, incidentally, is right next to Staines, aiiiiiiight!? I completed a BSc. in "Management and Information Systems" at Royal Holloway, University of London (2nd Class Honours), and somehow ended up working as a Video Games Tester (uhm, I mean, a Multimedia Software Quality Assurance Inspector), for Electronic Arts, in Chertsey. And then somehow ended up not leaving for over 2 years.

Finally, I managed to leave the job, and applied for a MSc. in Leicester. I also somehow managed to get awarded a studentship from the "Institute of Creative Technologies" (IOCT), which was nice. I am now studying an MSc. in "Computational Intelligence and Robotics" at De Montfort University.

Where I'm going

Somewhere along the way, I bought a pair of Technics SL-1200MK2s (classic Silver Technics Turntables), and began scratching with some friends from Luxembourg, now known as the KNK DJs. I also dabbled with the creation of spurious mixes, pretending to play guitar, and music sequencing software. And, for reasons best left unexplained, I am now DJ Yetz. On a more academic note, dreams of one day applying my efforts to the creation of amazing video games pervade.

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